Using Ansible Vault to secure passwords, ssh keys and secure tokens.
2020-02-03, 16:50–17:40, B.1.017

Have you ever committed personal token, password or ssh public keys to GitHub ? or any public source code repository ? The devops culture is rapidly getting adopted and often we get to know instances where private important data was pushed to GitHub. Considering the adoption of Ansible usage this session covers below details,

  1. What is Ansible, Ansible basics.
  2. What is Ansible Vault ?
  3. How to use Ansible Vault ?
  4. Use cases of Ansible Vault.
  5. Demonstration.

My name is Amit and I am Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. Most of my contributions are in Foreman related components like Foreman Maintain, Foreman and Keycloak integration, Release Management etc. The Foreman application uses Rails framework and I am involved in developing new features, fix existing problems. I also like to integrate multiple applications and technologies to solve enterprise use cases. Prior to joining development team I was part of support at Red Hat and enjoyed troubleshooting issues of different types which helped me to gain good knowledge around Linux, strace, networking, python debugger, code walk-through.

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