Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Rudder: What is it, and what makes it different?
2023-02-06, 14:00–14:25, B.2.009

Rudder is an open source security and configuration management tool that focuses on compliance and continuous audit. It allows users from different teams and background to configure and extract data through both the UI and API, providing a fast feedback loop. Since its first release 10 years ago, Rudder has been used by organizations of all sizes, from small installations to large deployments of over 15,000 nodes.

In this talk, we will introduce Rudder and explain what sets it apart from similar tools. We will also discuss the current evolution of Rudder towards operational security and its impact on the product. If you are new to Rudder or interested in learning more about compliance and configuration management, this talk is for you.

Nicolas is Customer Success Manager at Rudder, where he helps customers and users in their deployments and uses of RUDDER, both from an organizational and technical point of view.

In his spare time, Nicolas is a father of 3 young kids, and loves Eurovision

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