Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Own Your Content; Software repositories in multi-user / multi-tenant / multi-cloud environments with Pulp
2023-02-07, 14:25–15:15, B.3.036

Pulp allows you to manage content of different types, but what if you need a whole group of people to manage Pulp? What if you want to host a content service on top of your Pulp installation?
In this talk we will give an overview of RBAC (role based access control) concepts in Pulp, as well as introduce domains and how you can operate in multi-tenant environments.

Matthias Dellweg works as a software engineer with the Pulp team at RedHat. He is involved in many Pulp plugins and leads the work on pulp-cli and the pulp/squeezer Ansible collection. He has a doctorate degree in theoretical Physics.