Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Dev to Production with Self-Service Automation
2023-02-07, 16:45–17:35, D Aud

Managing the components of a software project via tickets and requests is time consuming. It wastes developer time to make a request and wait for the outcome. At the same time, centralized platforms governed by SRE or Platform Engineering teams require specialized knowledge and account access.

Delegated automation tools help teams get tasks done in every part of their pipeline without waiting for experts to fulfill ticket requests. Rundeck Open Source also audits all job requests and tracks who requested which work, and when. Every team doesn’t need to have an expert in every tool to be successful when your organizational experts can code their expertise into an automation platform and make tasks available to everyone. Development teams don't have to know all the dials on all the software, they only have to know how to run their jobs in Rundeck to get things going.

This talk will cover some of the many community plugins for Rundeck Open Source, the basics of building new plugins for custom jobs, and the other features of the platform that make it indispensable to development teams working in complex environments.

Mandi Walls is a DevOps Advocate at PagerDuty. For PagerDuty, she helps organizations along their IT Modernization journey. Prior to PagerDuty, she worked at Chef Software and AOL. She is an international speaker on DevOps topics and the author of the whitepaper “Building A DevOps Culture”, published by O’Reilly.