Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Puppet Community Day
2023-02-08, 09:00–18:00, B.3.036

Puppet's Community Day is a space for community and contributors to engage directly with each other and collaboratively learn and make some magic. Do you have a burgeoning project you want to workshop and get feedback and ideas on? Do you want get the first glimpses at changes coming in the Puppet 8 and beyond platforms? Or maybe you'd just like to help shape the next year of the Puppet community.

Expect a full day of content facilitated by Puppet's Community team. We'll walk through the changes in Puppet 8 and talk about future roadmaps for the platform. We'll collaborate on ideas and get a pulse on what people are working on and help each other solve problems. If time and interest allows, we will hold bird of a feather sessions and/or lightning talks.

Bring projects you'd like to work on and get advice and guidance from peers and Puppet engineers. We'll have workshop time on topics such as
- updating your modules to use the new safe exec provider
- moving away from puppet-module-gems for testing
- making better use of deferred functions
- handling secrets in your modules and your infrastructure

New to the community? Learn about ways to participate and how to get involved with Vox Pupuli, our premier community group.

Community lead and developer advocate at Puppet; I get to build neat things -and- talk to people! \o/ I've been in the tech industry in one way or another since the late 90's doing everything from devops before devops was a thing at a tiny security startup, to forensics investigations, to maintaining a compute cluster for a computational anthropology department at an American university and teaching the grad students how to write distributed Java code to run on it.

I run marathons in those funny finger shoes and recently moved my social engagement to

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