Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Cloud Native Dependencies
2023-02-07, 14:50–15:40, B. Con

In today’s Cloud Native world, dependencies are everywhere. We not only think about Software dependencies like some random shiny Java library but we must keep up on the Helm chart used to deploy and configure the monitoring system. We need to track that container image used to run our CI environment. We must update our documentation each time requirements change.

Too often those dependencies come as a whole, they imply change management before landing on Git repositories, and too often they get ignored or pushed back until it’s too late.

In a world full of Open source everywhere, teams are both producers and consumers of changes. As producers, they are responsible for delivering the best product.
As consumers, they need to leverage as fast as possible what the ecosystem has to offer.

When it comes to automating changes, using a declarative dependency management tool can be handy to automate processes that are team specific. But not everything has to be team specific. Quite the opposite, Let’s identify together those minor changes that will improve the overall deliver-ability of the ecosystem so it benefits both producers and consumers of change.

Engineering Manager at SUSE, working on Kubernetes’s related projects such as Rancher. Builder of Updatecli, and Former Infrastructure officer of the Jenkins project. Olivier has extensive experience in building OSS tooling around infrastructure automation.