Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Freedom in isolation with vClusters
2023-02-07, 17:35–18:00, B. Con

On a rainy Monday morning the new Team Lead requested test environments for their latest proof of concepts.

While searching for a solution to provide teams with sort lived environments we have looked at several solutions, from namespaces on a shared cluster, all the way to fully fledged Terraform managed environments.

While you can provision Kubernetes clusters for all teams, our current setup does not make that easy. As the Platform Team we like to keep our focus on operating the primary systems and not drown in requests for new environments.

In this talk I'll show how we finally solved the requests from the teams by utilizing the CNCF vClusters project to give freedom to dev teams while not breaking the bank with hundreds of clusters.

Daniel is a serial conference organiser and meetup runner. As a principal consultant at Bryte Blue, a Microsoft Azure focussed, consultancy company and a Microsoft Azure MVP. He is helping companies succeed with Cloud Native technologies and DevOps practices.

Twitter: @PaulusTM
Github: @PaulusTM