Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Tiny Puppet can install everything: Prove me wrong!
2023-02-06, 12:10–12:15, D Aud

This is not just a presentation, it's a challenge to every CFGMGMT Camp participant.
Tiny Puppet can install EVERY application on EVERY OS, both from the command line ( tp install app ) and as Puppet code ( tp::install { 'app': } ).
If it can't already do it now, it will be able do it by the end of the conference.
Ready to accept the challenge?

- Tiny Puppet (TP) can install every application on every Operating System (Linux, on the most common distributions, MacOs, Windows) as long as the application can be freely downloadable from the Internet and is installable, in an unattended way, on the target OS.
- Installation can be done via a package, compiling source code or downloading it from a specific URL
- Puppet must be able to run on the target OS
- If TP can't already install your app now, I can make it happen by the end of the conference.
- If I fail, I owe you a Belgian beer.
- If I succeed, you tweet about it.

Alessandro Franceschi works in IT since 1995 when he founds a Linux-based Internet Service Provider in Italy.

In 2007, he starts using Puppet (version 0.21) while working as a sysadmin at the Bank of Italy. Over the years he develops the example42 Puppet modules and delivers Puppet training and consulting all around the world.

In 2017 he develops Tiny Puppet from frustration on the proliferation of Puppet modules and makes it possible what looked impossible: a single module to install and configure every application on every Puppet supported Operating System.

In 2023 he challenges YOU to prove him wrong on the above statement.