Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

60 days in a new startup
2023-02-06, 14:00–14:25, D Aud

As of Dec 1st, I'm working for a brand-new startup: to help build a new company providing new infrastructure insights.

This talk is the story of my first 60 days as first employee: * onboarding (problem space, go, terraform, aws) * development environment (VS Code, remote containers, CI) * cultural foundations (collaboration, communication) * development (from prototype to demo site)

With this talk I want to give a pretty raw report on the things that happened in these two months in the hope that sharing this experience provides insights (e.g. if you're considering the step yourself) to at least entertainment of following along the ride.

Programming and Linuxing since the late 90's. Eventually realised that technology sucks and humans are important. Working to fix the suckage.

Formerly Puppet (Modules, PDK, Resource API), Cloudsmith (painless package hosting). Now (infrastructure insights).