Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Set Up a “Production-Ready” Kubernetes Cluster in 5 Minutes
2023-02-06, 14:25–14:50, D Aud

In this live demo, we shall see how to set up a "Production-Ready Kubernetes Cluster" using an extendable framework built around Argo CD in 5 minutes. With a plethora of cloud-native solutions popping up every day, it can be pretty daunting for engineers to select the "right" tool for their technology stack, and it becomes all the more challenging to integrate them to get to day-2 operations. The hivenetes/k8s-bootstrapper project leverages Terraform and the Argo CD "App of Apps" pattern to integrate popular battle-tested open-source software and solutions that provide a production-grade out-of-box Kubernetes experience. In addition, the bootstrapper project is customizable and extendable, allowing teams to build their stack without much hassle.

We built the hivenetes/k8s-bootstrapper project with the following principles in mind,
- Free to use, open-source, and community friendly
- Embracing open-source software: All the integrated applications and solutions are free and open-source. We present the applications as is and do not wrap them around any custom interface
- The framework is vendor agnostic: In this demo, we use DigitalOcean's product offerings as an example. However, we can install the bootstrapper on any Kubernetes offering
- Unopinionated tech stack: The bootstrapper project packages battle-tested open-source software. The users have the ultimate control to customize their tech stack of choice
- The toolkit acts as a guide for the users to navigate the cloud-native space with ease, which can be pretty intimidating otherwise
- With minimal footprint and learning, the framework provides a better developer experience and will lead to more adoption of Kubernetes amongst developers and engineers

Abhimanyu(@diabhey) is a tech evangelist exploring the cloud-native realm with a primary focus on Developer Experience and Kubernetes. He enjoys building and breaking things but not necessarily in that order ;)