Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Configure once, profit forever
2023-02-07, 12:15–12:20, D Aud

Ignition is a one-time provisioning software, single binary, running from the initramfs and with a simple configuration.

Ignition, an open-source software developed by CoreOS developers, is used by some Container OS, like Fedora CoreOS or Flatcar.
Fun facts about Ignition will be covered, configuration generation will be demonstrated, to finally conclude by an actual live example (15 seconds we said?)

See also: slides

Mathieu is working as a Linux OS software engineer @ Microsoft mainly involved in the Flatcar development (an open-source Container OS Linux distribution).

Outside of the work, he co-founded the SRE France association to organize DevOps/SRE Meetups in France and co-created the SRE SummerCamp: a 2 days event mixing outdoors activities and SRE/DevOps talks.