Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Automating a multi-cluster Thanos setup using Terraform
2023-02-07, 16:45–17:35, B.1.015

Deploying a Thanos setup across multiple Kubernetes clusters has quite some moving parts: all the Thanos components themselves, cloud storage buckets, Prometheus instances, Alertmanagers, TLS certificates for the GRPc connections, ... Managing all that can be a chore, but Terraform is an excellent candidate to automate away the complexity. By combining Terraform, K8s operators and a few special tricks, this talk will introduce a way of working where adding a new k8s cluster to your setup is just a matter of applying a terraform module.

Lander Van den Bulcke is a Site Reliability Engineer at Oqton, with a strong focus on monitoring and observability.

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