Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Empower everyone to manage Infrastructure with GitLab and Terraform
2023-02-07, 14:00–14:50, B. Con

Small teams often require dedicated resources and tools to manage their own infrastructure. How can we make infrastructure management accessible to everyone?

In this talk, we’ll discover what GitLab offers to make managing Infrastructure as Code a breeze. GitLabs Terraform features empower everyone on the team to make and review infrastructure changes. GitLab provides a backend for Terraform state management and CI/CD templates to deploy changes effortlessly without needing to access the target platform.
Finally, we’ll look into how we can use the GitLab Terraform Provider to manage the lifecycle of various GitLab resources, like users, groups and projects.

No matter if you are new to Terraform or just want to learn how you can use GitLabs Terraform Integration - this talk is for you :)

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Timo Furrer is an enthusiastic Software Engineer currently working as a Senior Backend Engineer at GitLab. He is fascinated by Open Source Technologies and how they solve real world problems. At GitLab, he's working in the Configure Group which is responsible for developing Ops-focused features of GitLab that relate to the "Configuration" and "Operations" stages of the DevOps lifecycle