Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Building an Ansible AAP cluster - Design and implementation
2023-02-07, 14:50–15:40, B.1.017

Designing an Ansible Automation Platform cluster is not as easy as it looks. Specifically when everything is spread over the globe and should be high available.

Ton Kersten is a Linux consultant and trainer at AT Computing in the
Netherlands, since 2001, where he helps customers with all kinds of Linux
challenges. He also tries to teach them the Linux and Ansible way of life.

Ton has been addicted to UNIX since 1986 and to Linux since 1992 and he started
using Ansible in June 2012 (even before the Ansible company was founded) and
has contributed to the Ansible code.

He enjoys music, playing darts (badly), good food, beer and whisky.