Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

A Gentle Introduction to Nix
2023-02-06, 14:00–14:50, B.3.037

Do you have a colleague or friend that just can't stop talking about Nix? How it's reproducible, the future of software. Why it's so much better than the other tools out there. He just won't stop talking about it. And now, you've given in. You decided to give it a try, but where to start?

If the above is you, this talk is for you! Bryan will give his best attempt at giving a gentle introduction to Nix. After this talk, you hopefully understand Nix's values, and where to find more help if you happen to need it.

During this talk, Bryan will touch on the following subjects:
- What Nix (the project) is
- Why this is a good idea
- How to read Nix (the language)
- How to use Nix (the package manager)
- What NixOS (the operating system) is
- Where to ask for help
- …

See also: Slide deck

Bryan is a software engineer focussed on developer productivity at Tweag. He helps companies achieve a better developer experience by using tools such as Nix, Haskell, Bazel, and many more.

You can find him on the following platforms.
- LinkedIn (bryanhonof)
- Twitter (@HonofBryan)

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