Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

The Foreman Community update
2023-02-06, 14:00–14:50, B.3.036

All previous editions of this were described as "another year, another update". This time it hasn't been a year since the last one, but much more. That means there's more to cover in the "what's new" and "what changed" parts, but there should still be room to look at the future. We will also have an open discussion with the community. Come share your update.

Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden is a long time contributor to Foreman and Puppet. His Foreman involvement grew after first patch in 2012. Back in 2017 he joined Red Hat to work on Foreman full time. You can find his work in many areas, but primarily in the installer, packaging and release management. Foreman's installer is driven by Puppet and relies on various modules from the community, mostly from Puppet and Vox Pupuli. In Vox Pupupuli he maintains the CI configurations and various gems to make his life easier.

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