Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Share approved setups with Pulumi Packages
2023-02-08, 14:00–18:00, B.2.009

How can you provide a self-service model to infrastructure for your developers, but still have all the operational and security concerns fulfilled? Pulumi Packages to the rescue!

Developers can work together with operations and security people to build out infrastructure components which have all the functional and non-functional requirements integrated. As they are software components, these can be put under source control, unit tested and properly versioned.

Not all teams in a company use or prefer the same language. Pulumi Packages allow for components to be implemented in a single language but still consumed from any of the programming languages supported by Pulumi.

Ringo will shortly explain Pulumi’s architecture, so everyone understands the process. We then start to build the components, create all the SDKs for the Pulumi supported languages and consume at least one component from another language to see all the pieces at work.

Ringo started his career as a software engineer in C++ and Java in the late '90-s. Over the years, he evolved from software engineering, over release engineering to operations and back.

Ringo currently works as a Customer Experience Architect at Pulumi.

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