Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Kubernetes & The Myth of Cloud Portability
2023-02-07, 11:15–12:05, D Aud

Engineers at small and large companies are deploying their applications using managed Kubernetes services in the cloud because they are convinced it will enable them to migrate their workloads across providers easily. However, in reality, most container platforms are not feature-complete. So, the move comes with a series of external concerns that can make it problematic: e.g. monitoring, identity management, data gravity, deployment pipelines, dependent services, and many more!
In this talk, we’ll follow the migration journey of a demo application from AWS to GCP and we will identify a series of practical software development and system architecture best practices that you can follow to increase the level of portability of your Kube application.
Furthermore, we will consider configuration and components in the Kubernetes ecosystem that you can deploy to significantly simplify any platform lock-in constraints.

Experienced engineering leader with a strong interest in distributed, highly-scalable and cloud-based systems.
Currently at Contino as VP of Engineering where he oversees a team of 150+ highly talented, intelligent and thought-provoking technical engineers from a range of disciplines and backgrounds.
Worked for years in Technical Leadership roles, focused on infrastructure management and Cloud on the 3 major public cloud providers. Experienced in the finance sector, specifically on high-performance payment platforms and systems compliance.
Regular speaker at conferences and meetups.
Federico holds an MSc in Software Engineering from City University London