Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Seamless and Automated Integration with Ansible
2023-02-06, 14:25–14:50, B.1.017

The Ansible-enabled resource module building and scaffolding tool to generate resource modules may help you automate all of the use cases for security platforms, and it has never been simpler to enable Ansible automation for all potential vendors.

Ansible is the “lingua franca” for security automation. Security encompasses a broad variety of products and services designed to protect individuals and organizations from the loss or damage to their data, applications, IT systems, networks, and devices from malicious or unintended activities.
Red Hat Ansible Automation extends its simplicity, modularity, and collaborative nature to all security technologies consistent with the industry definition of "logical security", such: Endpoint Protection Platforms, Secure Email Gateways, Secure Web Gateways, Network Access Control, and Threat Intelligence Platforms.
To make all of this work as expected, we need to integrate the security vendor with Ansible, and working on Ansible modules can be difficult for someone with little experience with Ansible. To address this issue, the Ansible team created a content builder tool that allows the security vendor to quickly generate resource modules using the security vendor's REST API JSON file and integrate with Ansible.

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