Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Event-Driven Ansible: Advancing your automation
2023-02-07, 16:45–17:35, B.1.017

Red Hat recommends a “start small, think big” approach to automation. Event-Driven Ansible can help you get to the next level of sophistication when it comes to automating your digital landscape. Learn about this new pattern for Ansible, and see how it can help you solve problems more quickly and eliminate basic but important tasks so you can focus on your key priorities and deliverables.

In this session we will:
- Explain Event-Driven Ansible
- Describe the architecture and relation between its components
- Walk you through example automatic remediation use cases
- Show you some getting started tips for writing Ansible Rulebooks

And much more! Join us in this session to understand how to advance on your automation journey with event driven automation. Deliver IT services faster and more efficiently, as you carve out time to work more normal business hours and even sleep more.

Senior systems and software engineer with a lot of experience and interest in cloud, automation, networking and CI/CD.

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