Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Rose Crisp

Meet Rose Crisp, an accomplished Senior Software Engineer on the Operator Enablement Team at Red Hat. With 15+ years of experience in software development, Rose has always been passionate about pushing boundaries and taking on new challenges. In 2019, while working for SAS Institute Inc, she leapt at the chance to work with a greenfield team that provided CI/CD services for application teams new to the concept. It was during this time that Rose discovered Kubernetes and fell in love with its world of possibilities. In 2020, she joined Red Hat to work with the Operator Enablement Team, where she has been a driving force in introducing Kubernetes operators and helping others passionate about Open Source and Kubernetes Operators. With a talent for teaching and a love of sharing her knowledge, Rose enjoys leading the Kubernetes Operator Framework workshops run by Red Hat. Get ready to be inspired by Rose's passion and expertise!

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