Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Puppet server scaling and performance tuning
2024-02-05, 16:45–17:10, B.2.015

Puppet server needs enough resources to handle all agent requests in reasonable time.
In platforms with many systems, we usually see scaling by using a load balancer.
But prior scaling you want to do performance tuning first.

This talk will guide you through the different tuning possibilities and will explain scaling setup.
We will talk about VMs, Puppet containers and we will provide an insight on how to scale on big hardware without VM or containers.

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Martin has been supporting customers for more than 10 years in planning, implementation, setup, development and operation of IT automation with a focus on Puppet and GIT as a consultant. As a trainer Martin likes to share his knowledge about Puppet, Bolt and Git and GitLab. His work environment consists of diverse clients in the telecommunications, health care, government and automotive sectors.

Prior to self-employment, Martin worked in the start-up, finance and online services environment. As an active member of the Puppet open source community, Martin helps with user questions and Puppet code development.

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