Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Why does THIS node have THAT config?
2024-02-05, 14:50–15:40, B.2.015

Within Puppet one can separate code and data using Hiera - a hierarchical data backend.
Data itself can be queried from Puppet modules.
This allows Puppet developers to provide generic code, where other people - like application responsible teams - can take over the configuration details by providing data only.
Data is usually YAML format - which many people consider being simple to learn.

Hiera also allows one to make use of individual data merges to reflect individual system needs.
One might find it challenging when it comes to analysing the result of a lookup and comparing these between different nodes.
Hiera Data Manager (HDM) provides a Web UI to Hiera data.

I am going to explain Hiera, the way how you can modify results and access shared data and how HDM can help analysing data results or issues.

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Martin has been supporting customers for more than 10 years in planning, implementation, setup, development and operation of IT automation with a focus on Puppet and GIT as a consultant. As a trainer Martin likes to share his knowledge about Puppet, Bolt and Git and GitLab. His work environment consists of diverse clients in the telecommunications, health care, government and automotive sectors.

Prior to self-employment, Martin worked in the start-up, finance and online services environment. As an active member of the Puppet open source community, Martin helps with user questions and Puppet code development.

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