Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

10+ years experience of IDPs (Internal Developer Platform) to enable fast growing companies
2023-02-07, 10:10–11:00, D Aud

Will talk about experience of IDPs at 3 different companies, how it can help companies grow rapidly by delivering more features with better quality by creating IDPs and standardise. The talk will cover the build block of IDPs both from technical and process perspectives to support developers to focus on deliver features.

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Ulf Månsson is working with infrastructure at the Swedish startup Adfenix. Spending most of his working hours to avoid to edit yaml files and get disturbed to fix broken stuff. He has worked with automation and configuration management since 2010.
Previous to Adfenix he worked at Volvo Cars and before that on Recorded Future, a threat intelligence company, where he was one of the co-founders
When not working you can now and then find Ulf driving his tractor