Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Writing Ansible automation content made easy with Ansible developer tools
2023-02-06, 15:55–16:45, B.1.017

Ansible ecosystem continues to grow and mature. Recent enhancements include Ansible Content Collections, automation execution environments, and an increasing list of integrations using plugins and modules. It is more important than ever that both new and experienced content creators have access to tools that help them write better content faster. This talk will cover how you can use the newly created Ansible developer tools like ansible-navigator, ansible-builder and VSCode Ansible extension to write and build automation content following good practices at a much faster speed.

The agenda of the talk will be Ansible developer tools
1) Introduction to Ansible developer tools
2) What and why Ansible execution environment
3) Walkthrough ansible-navigator commands
4) Building execution environment
5) Developing Ansible playbook in VSCode using Ansible extension

At the end of the talk the audience will be able to answer the question around what is Ansible execution environment and why it is required, will be to build execution-environment and use it to develop Ansible playbook with good Ansible content practices that can than be ran in production environments

Ganesh works as Senior Principal Software Engineer for RedHat in the Ansible engineering team with a focus on Developer tools and Ansible content engineering. He has over 16 years of experience in Software desgin and development

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