Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Using Nix to generate Docker images
2023-02-07, 12:30–12:35, D Aud

In this ignite talk, I will expose quickly the benefits of not writing Dockerfiles but rather using Nix expressions to generate Docker images.

There are already several internet tutorials on how building and running Docker images with Nix [1], but the point of this talk is to recall the benefits of doing it. To conclude my talk, I plan to briefly mention a PoC of mine that help you turn a Dockerfile into a Nix expression.

[1] Nix package manager

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Yvan Sraka has a master's degree in maths and computer sciences applied to biology from the Sorbonne University in Paris. Having discovered C++ programming as a child, he is involved in open-source communities. His previous commercial experience includes working in 3D Graphics and Runtime design with Rust, Nix, and Haskell. He used to teach Systems programming, Architecture, and DevOps to master's students and design algorithm competitions and kids/teens coding workshops (where he helps them build small video games). He lives in Belgium, loves biking, hiking, climbing, and vegan cooking.